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  • Septifix is a septic tank treatment in tablet form that helps clean and maintain septic systems. It was developed after years of research by scientists and septic industry experts.
  • The tablets contain a specialized blend of ingredients including live aerobic bacteria strains, oxygen-releasing compounds, and pH buffers. The bacteria help digest organic waste while the oxygen fuels bacteria growth and circulates tank contents. The pH buffers create an optimal environment for the bacteria.
  • Septifix tablets are flushed down the toilet and dissolve slowly, releasing active ingredients into the tank. The bacteria go to work digesting oils, grease, tissues, and other waste to prevent buildup and clogging.
  • Benefits of Septifix include eliminating odors, breaking down sludge, preventing clogs/backups, reducing need for pumping, and protecting pipes from corrosion. It’s an eco-friendly formula with no harsh chemicals.
  • Customer reviews are very positive overall, with many reporting elimination of odors within days of first use. Most also needed less frequent and expensive professional pumping after starting Septifix treatments.
  • Septifix is only available through the official company website, not in stores. It comes in 1, 2, or 3 month supplies costing $69, $118, or $147 respectively. The company offers discounts on larger orders and backs purchases with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
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In summary, Septifix provides an innovative tablet-based solution for septic tank maintenance and optimization using live bacteria, oxygen release, and pH buffers. Consistent use helps avoid issues like clogs and odors. Many customers report great results using Septifix to maintain their septic systems.